It is important to acknowledge that anxiety and depression in men is very real. One in five men will experience anxiety and/or depression at some point in their lifetime.

In today’s society, both men and women are pressured to fit into gender roles, which can be a major cause of mental health issues. Generally speaking, men are expected to be strong and supportive. They are required to provide for the family and have successful careers. This can result in men not spending enough time with their family, which can cause alienation from their partners and children.

Being a man in today’s society is not easy because others perceive showing any form of weakness as unacceptable. Men report that they are scared of being perceived as weak, which leads to their biggest fear of not being able to provide for their family.

One of the biggest problems is that men are less likely to talk to their friends or family about their issues. This is opposed to women who are generally much more open with their peers regarding anxiety-provoking issues. In fact, one recent study showed that only 3% of men discuss their worries with their relatives compared to 54% of women.

Seeking private help with a therapist rather than going through the national health system can give male clients the freedom to choose a therapeutic approach that is more flexible and confidential.

Because men are reluctant to speak of their mental health in public, they really value the privacy of a therapeutic practice and not having something like an anxiety disorder or depression listed on their medical records.

Hypnotherapy can enable men to review their life and their life’s goals, helping them to get back on track prioritising what is important to them. It allows them to recognise all they have already achieved and appreciate the journey already taken.

Many male clients consider me their biggest secret. This is why they feel confident and are willing to share so much. By being able to confide in someone away from the family they are more successful in improving their mental health and getting on with the live the life they wish to live.

Male clients know that what they are sharing is in confidence and they can explore without fear of backlash from friends, family, co-workers, and society.

If a client wanted to see me for hypnotherapy they would generally book in for a 6 week programme. This is a weekly programme where we get together for an hour or so every week. The first half of the session is fundamentally counselling – we will unravel behaviours, feelings and experiences. Then the second half of the session is the hypnosis where we will implant the strategies we have discussed in the first part of the session. This programme is extremely effective and in the vast majority of cases we completely eradicate the mental health issue. In 6 weeks the client is transformed.

If the full programme is not for you then I also do something called a Mind Massage.

It’s a one off session where we soothe the mind using a hypnotherapeutic deep relaxation technique that takes around 50 minutes. The session is tailored directly to your individual needs. We literally take your brain out of your head, wash it, and put it back in so you regain a sense of calm and confidence.

During the session you will experience a very pleasant state that helps you to:

  • Relax each muscle of your body so that muscles loosen and the body calms
  • Soothe your mind by releasing the tension and anxiety the mind is carrying
  • Install positive and empowering suggestions into your mind so that you can manage pressure more effectively

Mind Massage brings a wide range of benefits including:

  • A relaxed and calm mind to help you focus on your personal and professional responsibilities
  • Increased feelings of being able to cope with challenges in both your personal and professional life
  • An immediate boost to your physical and psychological health

Book a Mind Massage today and give your mental health a boost.