Do I need to see a therapist?

I believe that everybody deserves to be happy that’s why my therapy practice is called Bliss. Ask any person what they want out of life and most will say I just want to be happy.

Unfortunately anxiety, depression and excessive stress are almost at epidemic levels. Combine that with phobias, addictions, fears, low self esteem and lack of confidence – there are so many issues out there. It’s no wonder that people are more unhappy than ever before. Modern life just doesn’t seem to suit many of us.

1 in 4 people now take anti depressants and are unhappy with themselves or some element of their lives or relationships. In my opinion, anti-depressants are not the answer; they’re just masking the problem and are a short term solution, at best.

So many of us carry baggage around from our childhood or earlier years. It makes life so much harder to cope with. Imagine that we all carry an invisible back pack on our backs and every bad thing that happens to us puts a rock in our backpack. Bullying, not feeling good enough, broken relationships, bereavement, redundancy, money worries, problems with children, problems with elderly parents, etc etc…..that’s an awful lot of rocks over a life time. If you don’t have the capacity to deal with each of these issues then you carry them around with you all the time.

People are constantly trying to escape from their unhappiness. Too much alcohol, too much naughty food, too much facebook, too much shopping, too much gambling, too much unhealthy excess. The list goes on and on……

THERAPY can help you!!!! I want to shout it from the rooftops. You do not have to put up with these issues and remain unhappy.

Therapy can stop all this. We declutter your mind, we spring clean your life and we process all the issues that have been holding you back. In essence, we take off your heavy back pack.

We spend between 60 and 75-minutes per session. We work in a safe, confidential, supportive way. You will feel heard and understood, maybe for the first time ever. The session is all about you, your fears, your worries, your hopes and your dreams. Don’t you owe yourself this special healing one on one time?

We go deep, but in a positive, healing way, not a painful one.

Most people imagine that you have to be in therapy for months and months and it costs a fortune. But the majority of my clients come for only 6 sessions. 6 sessions that turn their life around and all for the cost of a weekend away.

I once had a wonderful client who said to me you’ve absolutely transformed my life and for less than I would normally pay for a golf club!

If you’re carrying around a heavy back pack let me help you offload it so that you can find true peace of mind and happiness.

Take control of your life by connecting with a therapist who can help you be the person you want to be.

A few sessions of therapy really can transform your life. Increasing your happiness and improving all of your relationships with everyone around you. Everybody benefits.

If you haven’t done so already read the success stories on this website. I have helped hundreds of clients to move through their issues and find greater happiness. Now let me help you.

Invest in your health, choose happiness, start today.

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