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Welcome to Bliss.

Hi my name is Christina Hetherington and I’m a fully qualified, insured to practice therapy expert.

The definition of Bliss is perfect happiness and great joy and I thoroughly believe that everyone deserves to be happy. Unfortunately modern lives can be such a struggle these days and mental health issues are at an all time high. For many people anxiety is stealing their lives.

It’s possible, with therapy, to overcome your issues so that you can move on with your life.

Let me give you back your happiness. Let me help you find your Bliss.

It really doesn’t matter how long you’ve suffered with a problem, what matters is that you’re now ready to tackle it.

Free 20 minute happiness consultation

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Contact me today because getting started is the first step to making the changes you desire.

You can be set free from anxiety, stress and depression through my powerful combination of counselling, hypnosis and tapping.

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