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A case of destroyed confidence and self belief…

Around 3 months after the birth of my baby I began to suffer from extreme anxiety, which was diagnosed as Post Natal Depression (PND) by my GP. I was prescribed antidepressants but I decided not to take them as I believed that I didn’t actually feel depressed, more overwhelmed. Everyday, ‘normal’ tasks, like preparing dinner, felt as though they were impossible!

Before my baby was born I’d had a successful UK-wide job with a huge amount of responsibility so I couldn’t understand why being at home with a baby had completely destroyed my confidence and self-belief.

I looked for a natural alternative to starting the medication and I’m so glad that I did. Christina and I met once a week for just over a month and she helped me to relax and come to terms with the changes in my life. Having someone to talk to, outside of my family, gave me a safe place to discuss my fears without feeling judged.

Not only did Christina help me beyond my expectations, but I’m also having another baby and I’ve seen her for two more sessions to stop those worries before they even start. (Lyndsey)

A case of feeling inadequate…

I arrived at Christina’s door at my lowest ebb. Exhausted by a life of feeling inadequate, I decided something had to change. Initially, I was apprehensive and scared; I was concerned that I would be judged and anxious I would not know what to say, having spent a lifetime keeping everything to myself. How wrong I was on all levels. Through patience, listening and incredible coaching Christina unpicked my problems and gave me the strength and courage to rebuild myself as a new person. She made the big questions and issues in my life seem logical giving me the self belief that I could navigate a new path for myself and my family. Through 6 sessions I talked and talked and talked. I did not receive any treatment other than having someone who would listen, non-judgmentally, for hours as I let out a lifetime of emotions I had never dealt with. Christina continually stressed to me that “I was enough” and helped me see that this is true.

I have now completed my sessions and am coping on my own. I feel as though my life has finally begun and can never thank Christina enough for the impact she has had on my life. We often talked about divine timing, and the right moment – this was genuinely the case for me. Now I am living life with “the lights turned on” and if angels really do exist-I met one in Christina. Thank you (Jon)

A case of shifting mental weight…

Working with Christina has really helped shift and lift a lot of mental weight. After my first session I drove away feeling as if I’d just had a four week holiday! I felt calmer, more positive and more relaxed than I can remember feeling in a long time. (Kate)

A case of high anxiety…

When I first went to see Christina I was highly emotional and anxious. I was so depressed I couldn’t see myself getting better. Christina was compassionate, calming and gave me hope. After three hypnotherapy sessions the anxiety improved immensely and I adopted a much happier and positive attitude. It was as if Christina had flipped a switch in my brain. I have just had my sixth session and I feel better than I have done in a long time. With Christina’s support and guidance I have gained a clarity I didn’t know existed. (Bronwen)

A case of a complete nervous wreck…

Christina has completely changed my life. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t have gone to see her! I was a complete nervous wreck! I had severe anxiety and depression, I dreaded going out and even doing simple everyday things made me anxious. I always missed out on doing things with my friends as my anxiety got the better of me.

Since going to see Christina my whole life has changed, my anxiety has completely gone and I feel so much happier. I go out with friends all the time now and can get on with my life. I would definitely recommend Christina to anyone, she is kind, understanding and really easy to talk to. (Anna – age 16).

A case of worrying about everything…

I had always been a worrier, but as I was getting older it was getting a lot worse. I worried about work, I worried about my health, I worried about my children, then my grandchildren, I worried if I had to travel, I worried about my finances, I worried about the lack of world peace. In short I worried about everything. I even worried when I didn’t have any worries as I always thought that something terrible was about to happen. I decided enough was enough and booked in to see Christina. She was warm, friendly and empathic right from the word go. She helped me to unravel why I had all of these worries and we worked on letting things go. She explained that worrying can sometimes be the downside of a vivid imagination. Something I have had since childhood. After only a few sessions I felt so much better. I was sleeping better and enjoying life so much more. Christina really is a special person and a wonderful therapist. If you are struggling with something please let her help you get through it. (Catherine)

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